Body Shops said Insurance Companies Steer Customers…

and Customers Listened. 

Over 9 Years ago, we took the challenge head-on…

Today, Unlimited Collision is the Authority that
Shows Up Like No One Else!

SEO only improves as long as you continue doing what the DATA tells you to do.


Working with a brand new body shop and their new website, we set up the website SEO structure, Citations, Social Media, Instagram, AdWords, Review Platform, Programmatic Marketing, and Re-Targeting.

  • The shop’s 2nd-year income passed $2mil – 3rd $4.7mil – surpassed $8mil in 2018 without one DRP.
  • Their new shop opened in Arizona and has the Largest Paint Booth in the Western US.
  • Data shows where every lead comes from, whether it’s Facebook, Adwords, phone calls, or website.  
  •  Receives, on average, 55 leads per week through just one campaign Targeting their ideal customer in their community.
  • Pulling in a handful of people searching the internet each year will undoubtedly increase your bottom line.
  • Add in the word-of-mouth referrals (social media) from community advocates – your ROI will increase exponentially.

Let us explain how we can make your shop the “Authority” in your community.


Owner informed us 80% of 2022 REVENUE came from ORGANIC TRAFFIC from his web presence!

Location #2 – Building Built NEW in 2019!

The largest paint booth in the Western US.


How we made a new Body Shop an Authority Brand for search terms with Hundreds of Shops competing for Customers.

Go ahead – Google RV Collision Repair Glendale, AZ or Peoria, AZ

Keep in mind searches are Hyper-Local now. You’ll get a totally different result, but it should be clear who is the “Authority.”

Does your shop have more than one listing on Page 1? How about all down the page? That’s a skill! Ask your SEO provider for examples too.

The FIRST place people turn for collision repair is Google.

Visibility on the first page of a Google search result is the most cost-effective way to become a trusted “Authority” business.

When your website is optimized correctly, it will pull in Locally Targeted searchers and rank higher in the search engines.

Your shop will be the obvious choice to call.

If they can’t find you,

they will certainly go to the shop the insurance company recommends.

AWT’s marketing experts will help position you as an “Authority” using advanced SEO strategies.

SEO isn’t about reaching everyone on the internet.
It’s about reaching TARGETED local consumers looking for help.