Technical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps your website run smoothly while increasing your websites organic reach in a search.

At Auto Web Tuners we take pride in our technical expertise that helps our clients become Authorities in automotive search.

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What is Technical SEO ?

Technical SEO is structuring on-site elements of the website and server optimizations besides the content to increase the organic visibility in search engines that impact its ability to rank for relevant keywords.

It helps search engine spiders/bots crawl and index your content more effectively to improve organic rankings.

It lays the foundation for your content to get found quickly, enabling your business to become Relevant in search engines.

Once Relevant your brand will become the Authority in any automotive search related to your business.

Why Invest in Technical SEO?

Most websites are not built to be search engine friendly or even optimized since they are built by web designers. Unfortunatley, errors build setting your website back farther. SEO must be added after the build in most cases.

We Never Build a Website Without Technical Structure.

Technical SEO makes ALL the difference in getting found in searches and becoming the Authority in Search.

  • Your website will reward you with a persistent flow of targeted traffic. Traffic that builds over time and is FREE forever!

  • Search has drastically changed. Now Search engines want you to get the BEST possible result. Technical SEO does just that and more.

Content + Structure = Fast Search Engine Delivery.

SEO is by far the best traffic source for any website we have built or technically structured…always!

Not Seeing a Return on Your SEO?

We hear people say over and over they are not sure what they’re getting from their SEO agency or what they’re even doing!

Google is changing algorithms often and without announcement. Our experts are always in the know. At AWT, we pay experts monthly to help keep us informed and belong to specific SEO groups that help each other out with valuable information.

Hire an agency specializing in SEO to work with your
business to keep you in the know and your website at the TOP!

Our Technical SEO Services

Auto Web Tuners SEO services are intended to improve organic search visibility of your website.

Website SEO

Let our experts check the website framework for technical issues and errors stopping your website from earning top page rankings in the search engines.


Incorrect Migrations to new servers or from http to https can cause performance and rankings to tank. AWT works to preserve your search relevance.

Website Architecture

Architecture is crucial to organic search not only for search engines but the user as well. We implement several types incuding siloing through the site’s directory and applying linking techniques.

Mobile Search
Engine Optimization

SEO for Mobile is a must to minify code, browser cashing and reduce redirects. Googlebot will use the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking. Get it right!

Google Penalty

Technical SEO is used to identify and remove any manual penalty. It also helps to identify if you’ve been hit by an algorthm update. Once uncovered AWT can begin correcting the cause.


International websites must be optimized for the country and the language which requires multi-regional and multilingual identification in the structure.

Auto Web Tuners builds EVERY website

with a Heartbeat of SEO. 

Other agencies charge $$$$ to add SEO…

if they even know how.

Whether you own the company or are a marketer tasked with growing the business, organic traffic is crucial to drive more leads and sales.

Our Technical SEO works

Every. Single. Time.

Other Agencies just use YEXT. We do both. Very few know Technical SEO…Ask them for some analytics data of their SEO skills.

We never leave the heart out!

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