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Make Every Visit Count!

Turn your website visitors, into customers with relevant content that satisfies their Intent. Then turn it into a marketing wheel that can’t be beaten!

We took over this website from a competitor. The technical SEO was done in Nov 2022, nothing else.

By January 2023, the shop doubled the number of “Organic” keywords we targeted it to rank for.

Why the Quote about the Porsche?

First off, we’re into awesome cars.

But there’s more to his quote that explains Search Engine Optimization…

Once Relevant – You Become the Authority!

Don Miller has people constantly questioning him on what we do and the cost. It’s a bargain for the knowledge and education we have gained over the last 10 years working with body shops. It costs a bit more for a website with Technical SEO, SEO Content, and people trained to do it all correctly.

What our optimization brings can’t be compared.
We have the data as proof.

No, we don’t advertise much or give a pushy sales pitch. People that understand call us. When they call, Don will ask what prompted the call.

The Answer?

They know they should get more traffic, calls, form fills, and leads. They know something is either wrong or not up to par.

What happens next?

In a webinar, Don goes over the WHOLE WEBSITE. He shows precisely what is wrong and how he will fix it.

Does it work?



Does It Take a Psychologist To Write Content With Intent? NO!

We always look at your competitors first. Why? It shows us what keywords they rank for and how they compare in your area. It shows us why people are searching for them. We will then know what to do first to get you quick wins.

It involves understanding your prospect’s journey within a Google search. We can learn a lot, including which vehicles are the most driven in your area, what keywords they are searching in your community, the top pages of searches, and so much more.  Again, it’s all in the data.

We can continue tweaking the keywords, meta descriptions, and other ranking factors when watching the website data for months and years to keep you Relevant and continue as the Authority in your community.

Stop losing money. 

Let us check your website now!

We Find These All The Time By Competitors that Say They Do What We Do!

On their websites, they say they do SEO and use data to keep you at the top. Do they really?

Then who is watching this data? Ask your SEO to see data on accounts they have optimized. You must know just how their work performs.

What you see here costs a body shop thousands every day it’s left like this. It will not show up in searches.

We prove what we do every month in reports sent out to you.

How We Help Perfect Your Marketing Strategy


Grow your traffic

We have been GEOfencing since 2016.
It will bring traffic right to your door!

Increase your sales

Our ads manager does $6M monthly in Google Ads (he is good). It is one of the quickest ways to get business.

Harness The Power Of Auto Web Tuners

For the last 10 years, we have been working with body shops. Allow us to take your website and marketing to new heights.

When you have a problem or need help, you can count on us to be there. Don Miller will personally talk with you and offer as much help as possible. We don’t charge for every little change or call. We are here to help!

Call us anytime, and we will do an online consultation to discuss any problem. Going over your website in real time is an eye-opening experience you won’t want to miss. We will be truthful if we can help or not. Getting an opinion from a real SEO, Google Adwords professional, or expert GEOfencing help is worth it.

Whether we built your website or not, we can always help you make changes or take it over to host and maintain it. Don’t let your traffic drop to zero because no one watches the data or maintains the website correctly.


Ask About Our System to Followup on Estimates.

A complete marketing system that will respond with an email or SMS – even from your website. A must-see for people that don’t have time to follow up on estimates at a cost you can afford!

We Have Helped Hundreds of Body Shops and Automotive Businesses.

We can help you!