Providing Geo-fencing since 2016.

Our experienced team sets the foundation for analyzing data to know where leads come from and how they respond.

That allows us to focus on the best Programmatic strategies to reach your specific community.

Recruit Geo-Fencing

For the last 3 years, we’ve helped businesses find employees using GEOfencing. It’s simple, easy, and works!

Geofencing allows you to set up virtual recruiting ad campaigns fencing places that reach interested industry people. 

Run ads targeting only the people who pass through the boundary around your targeted area.

Use individual areas to draw in only certain people. For instance, an automotive campus to reach students, conference-goers, any business or distributors of products in your industry.

The ads can be set in your home state or any other State you choose. If you live in Florida, there may be people in the Northern states that want to move where it’s warm to work or vice versa.

Virtually, almost anyone you want to see your message of available employment. 

We NEVER throttle impressions.
Get creative ad copy and thousands of impressions for on low price.

Did you know most are paying $10 per 1,000 impressions? We cut that in half!


Very Precise

The ability to draw an individual digital geo-fence down to the contours of a building or specific area.

This allows you to target every ideal client that enters a building or an event with your message.

Foot Traffic Attribution

More efficient to target specific areas and buildings.

Target people while they are physically at a location and re-target for up to 30 days.

Granular Reporting

Targets individuals on any device at the address and enables targeting up to 30 days after they have left the address.

A report and breakdown of campaign performance are sent each month.


  • Draw a digital or virtual Geo-fence in any shape around a physical location (building) or event location (automotive training or conference).
  • When a visitor enters the geo-fenced location, they will receive your ad on their mobile device.
  • The person who received your ad at the geo-fenced location is recognized the moment they walk or drive through your drawn conversion zone.
  • You will receive a report showing how many people went through your conversion zone in real-time.


  • How many impressions were seen of your ad.
  • Number of Clicks on your ad.
  • Number of Website View through visits and click-through visits.
  • Daily Visits and Total Visit Rate.
  • Number of daily totals through the conversion zones.
  • Daily Foot traffic to conversion location.
  • The total amount of ad Spend.


One of the biggest problems is the proportion of mostly passive candidates. They’re satisfied with their roles, so recruiting them requires finding them and reaching out to them. It is hard to find candidates who are able, and willing to work, and are qualified to work in certain automotive positions.

With businesses facing new labor challenges, AWT can target qualified candidates through strategic precision GEOfence targeting. With the ability to target any business, local universities, trade schools, etc., we help solve your labor shortage crisis.

Finding the Right Candidate at the Right Time could mean the difference between finding Skilled Automotive Professionals and being shorthanded.

Geographically based advertising is beneficial for timely, targeted, and specific audience selection. We know you can reach highly qualified passive and active candidates in a given area and see them walk through your door or receive applications right through your business website.

AWT has proven success with running GEOfence campaigns to grow your customer base. Now we can help you find ready-to-work employees whenever needed.