Are Vehicle Owners Searching for OEM Certified Repairs? 

If not, when they see our “OEM Certified Pages” in a search they’ll want the best too! 😉

~ See just how many REALLY are searching OEM according to DATA from our customers ~


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Wondering whether people search for OEM Certified Repairs? If so, our data is enlightening.

When a Contact or Estimate page goes up over 400%, that is money in your pocket. Only you can know just how much.

Whether people see Certification pages in searches or they’re searching for OEM repairs, our clients have the advantage and will continue to as their website gains Relevancy and Authority in Google.

Even for Voice Search, your website must rank on the first page to have a chance.

The websites AWT has audited or taken over, the owner was told by the digital agency they were doing SEO or had done SEO. Some sites were so bad they couldn’t be found in a search and Google even showed us why in all cases. The agency 1) Didn’t understand why it wasn’t ranking. 2) Didn’t know how to implement technical SEO. 3) Never watch the analytics to know.

Technical SEO works. Hire an SEO that will make a positive impact on your business.

Answer this question each month about your Agency:
Why Should I do business with you?

Before you hire an SEO, ask:

  • Do you perform Technical SEO?  
  • What will Technical SEO accomplish for our website?
  • What types of off page SEO do you do?
  • Data from OEM Certification pages or other Landing Pages you’ve structured.
  • Data on past client’s results one month and year over year.
  • Is your SEO dashboard from YEXT or an SEO program?
  • What was the date my site was last crawled by bots?
  • What date was our site changed from Desktop to Googlebot Smartphone crawling?
  • How will SEO tie into my other marketing efforts?
  • How will you keep me informed of changes and progress?
  • Have you recently taken any classes on technical SEO to keep updated?
  • Why should we hire you over other SEO agencies?

At Auto Web Tuners, automotive SEO is what we do best. We’ve helped body shops, distributors, car rental companies, wheel manufacturers, and many others pull in more business.

Our data will leave you in awe at what SEO can do to pull in customers. We can make it work for you. Contact us today.

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Large MSO – Metro Mid-West City 

Optimized Existing OEM Certified Landing Pages and Complete Website

As you can see from the Nov. 2018 data, that existing OEM Certified pages made by another agency were barely showing in search. The website only had a few pages on the First page of search. We completed our optimization on all pages Jan/2019.

ONE month of data from May 2019 is showing. SEO changes to get increases are as follows:

  • Our content writer changed keywords to best fit the search query and added optimized content.
  • Implemented the necessary SEO changes to the elements and structured the content using best SEO practices.
This is why we cannot “send you content and let you just stick it on a page”, there is plenty more work to do once it’s on the page!

Impressions went up 771.12% and the clicks went up 113.43%.

Notice the brands of cars searched in each part of the US.

Our research shows the vehicles most searched in your community and it allows us to target your marketing accordingly.

Touch the people that will want an OEM Certified body shop for their model when in need.

When a website goes from 499 clicks to 1,065 in one month, there will be more sales without a doubt. The ROI of correcting the Certified pages alone will pay for itself in a very short time.

Get more clicks

Single Shop – Metro Western State

Optimized Existing OEM Certified Landing Pages and Complete Website

Showing data from last quarter of 2018 before our takeover in January 2019. All pages were optimized or had to be totally re-built to pull in traffic.

SEO changes and additions as follows:

  • Researched queries for the area and revised all keywords to the best match.
  • Optimized all content on existing OEM Certification pages and the whole website.
  • Corrected the structure of the whole website to SEO best practices.

Impressions went up 134.83% and Clicks up 49.77%.

This website should have been totally re-built but was just SEO optimized due to the owner’s request (we normally will not do this, but it was special circumstances). We find many old websites have bad coding that will either have to be fixed or the platform is no longer supported and requires rebuilding.

The site still pulls in traffic very well. As you can see the Contact Page went up 441.06%!

Even an old website can still work when you correct the SEO Structure and give it new life! 

Get More Life

MSO – Metro Western State

Built New OEM Certified Landing Pages Except Pro-First and Optimized the Website

One month of data for Feb. 2018 and 2019 showing increases after One Year. The Pro-First page was added by another agency 11/27/17. OEM pages were added at different times as the shop didn’t have all Certifications or increases would be much higher.

SEO changes made as follows:

  • Researched a keyword strategy, selected keywords to match queries. Built pages with optimized content and a call to action.
  • Cleaned up the Pro-First page by optimizing the content and applying SEO best practices.

Impressions went up 335.18% and Clicks up 140.75% for 2019 comparing to 2018.

The Pro-First page and Auto Body page were barely viewed after a full year until correcting the SEO. The Auto Body page increased by 11,362.67%.

Notice Rankbrain takes over picking up more keywords and showing Auto Body along with the OEM Certified pages providing more First Page search views.

The more it learns about you and what you do, the more you’re shown in Relevant search queries to become the Authority in your community.


This Is Just The Beginning of What We Can Do…

SEO is all about Signals – Relations – Backlinks – Intent – Semantic Context – Website Architecture

and Feeding the Robot, Rainkbrain to learn all about your website. 


It’s our job to help the search engines know exactly what you’re about to deliver your

website to the correct consumer intent, at the right time at the right place on the right device. 



See how much you’re missing in SALES by not hiring an SEO team that is trained at their craft and

love what they do to work WITH your Business Development Team 😉