What is the REAL Impact of SEO and Branding Your Business Name?

Think SEO has nothing to do with Branding?

Well, read and learn! Our data will show you how earning first-page spots on Google and other search engines help you gain the Brand Name awareness you’re looking for.

Google is taking more space at the top. If your website gains at least 3 places on queries, your name will show up for consumers to notice you as the Authority.

Of course, it takes more than just SEO, but it all goes together with gaining Organic Traffic to your website.

An SEO Strategy Generates Organic Traffic in Your Target Market. 

It’s the first step in brand awareness or recognizing your name. SEO is like adding a turbo behind all of your marketing strategies.

Technical SEO is the process of making your site better for search engines. It makes the search bots understand ANY content on your website. You can see for yourself on Google’s SEO guide.

You Should Focus on the LOGIC behind your brand’s Intent Keywords When found in a Search – Not the Volume of Each Keyword as you have been told. It’s Not The Same for Every Locality. Each community is different and each niche is different.

Competitors say, “no one is searching those keywords”. Many have shown you which keywords get the MOST searches and therefore it’s the keywords they think you should be using. It’s also why they say it’s proof you don’t need SEO. 

Let’s compare their websites to our websites and we can show you the Organic Keywords we have versus theirs. You’ll see a clear difference!

When you understand what Technical SEO does, you’ll realize you cannot pick common keywords for a whole industry as you are told. 

Google’s RankBrain puts longtail keywords together as it learns about YOU and the INTENT of your Community Customers in Search. It is almost impossible to reach niche-specific audiences without an Organic SEO Strategy.

The first thing you need to know is what your customers are searching for.
That’s where we start!

Be an AUTHORITY in a Niche Locally or Nationally.

If you want your Brand to be recognized, you must conquer the top positions in your niche. Google wants to know which brands deliver the most reliable answers to their questions. In other words, it makes them look good!

We build your own market by targeting thousands of long-tail keywords rather than existing in your competitor’s market. 

Using SEO to Target non-commercial keywords can get you on a potential customer’s radar long before they’re ready to enquire or commit.

Consumers will vote with their clicks; our data will solidify that every time.

Branding with SEO Optimized Content.

Targeting a niche audience with content works well for businesses and will dominate your competition if aligned with a keyword strategy. 

People tell us they see our website clients everywhere. You will see several links in the top 10, regardless of what you’re looking for in their niche. 

Even if you don’t click on the website link, the fact that you keep seeing them adds Trust to the Brand name. If they click on the content, they find value along with a seamless experience that is of the utmost importance right now.

Integrating SEO Content and Google Adwords.

A customer asked if it was possible to spend less on PPC by getting his content to rank first. YES! SEO increases the combined impressions and clicks for brand terms, decreases the paid Adwords spend, and maximizes the total return on advertising.

We reduced the paid bid but still maintained the Branded Organic Clicks within the search results. It lowered the cost of PPC ads – making them more Relevant to Google and got even more targeted website clicks!

We shut off the ads on the website for two weeks, and the website held its own. Since their ads cost less because of their Relevancy, they decided to do both. Now they pay less per click and are killing it on both Organic and Adwords!


Ranking high in searches doesn’t just make it easier for potential customers to find you, it’s a form of Social Proof. It demonstrates trust and credibility.

Also, Voice search is making scrolling through a long list of results is a thing of the past…