Market Your OEM Certifications

+ Add Technical SEO…

Be There First and
Stay First!

We use data to get insights into consumer behavior and find search patterns within your community.

Using the data, we devise a strategy to drive target customers to your website.

Our skilled use of content writing and technology pulls the target audience directly to your website.

Our Conversion skills get them to contact you for your services.


Data from One Shop, One Location – Started with this Body Shop on February 1, 2019.

Showing stats from the same time the year before we took over. Increases are significant!

AND…That’s just in 3 Months! Imagine a year from now.

BY MARKETING, we mean using every available avenue including the Technical SEO Structuring of your website. Then, add a marketing wheel to make it all pay for itself. If you are not doing any marketing you will never become a Brand.


It’s a method of structuring your website to ensure when someone Googles your Service or Category, (not just your name) your website shows in the search results.

It pulls in Organic Traffic searching for your services and will continue to work for the life of your maintained website.

SEO increases your website’s visibility in organic search results. It helps to rank more pages up higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

In turn, it drives more website visitors and increases conversions to your website (appts., sales, estimates, scheduling, etc.).

SEO Drives Website Rankings & Visibility…Period.


Google started using machine learning called Rankbrain, in their algorithm in 2015 and it has changed everything as it continues to learn!

Because of Rankbrain, Google puts your search query into words or puts clusters of words together that have the best match on what you’re searching.

How Do SEO and Content Marketing Work Together?

SEO is a way of getting “Organic Traffic” from search results.

SEO Content Marketing is “Creating Useful Content to Attract YOUR Target Audience.”

Drives traffic to your SERVICE or PRODUCT using the Technical structuring of the website. NOT your business name.

This is why the statement “No one is searching these keywords yet” even matters and makes no sense in Technical SEO.

***** True Organic Search *****

It puts You in the Right Place at the Right Time using the Searcher’s INTENT.


 Keyword Search Retargeting and Contextual Targeting 

When you search, RANKBRAIN recalls things you have in YOUR own search history; it remembers it and selects things that go with your PAST searches.

This helps make your searches more Relevant when it knows what YOU are looking for.

Google wants you to be served the most “Relevant” answer as quickly as possible.

An excerpt from the Wikipedia link above explains it best; “the highest quality content from a human perspective is ranked higher in Google.”


Google is refining your searches to a 

Predictive and Personalized Result
of Your Intent.

It’s more important than ever to know exactly what your community is searching to refine ALL of your searches.

AND…that’s how Technical SEO and Content Marketing, along with AI Data,  PREDICT  your next Customers!

Here’s a bit of how Rankbrain works.

If a customer is searching for an “auto body shop” and your website content INCLUDES the Technically Structured keywords “Honda Body Shop and let’s say we also include Certified,” Google will understand “auto body shop, has connections to ” “Honda Body Shop” and “Certified” Honda body shop within your website. It will continue to serve your community with those connections.

Each click shows the “human value,” then it continues to show “Connected Keywords” with your other structured “Intent” keywords regardless if they are on the same pages or not. You’ll get several pages on page ONE!

It also looks at location (a big one), synonyms, connections, understanding entities, etc., to see if you fit the searchers’ query.


Rankbrain MUST be able to translate where you are located and what your website says as fast as possible!

Your automotive business will then have several listings right in front your customer, searching for the information.