Providing Geo-fencing since 2016.

Our experienced team sets the foundation for analyzing data to know where leads come from and how they respond.

That allows us to focus on the best Programmatic strategies to reach your specific community.

Precisely Draw a Virtual Geo-fence Around Any Event or Building.

Geo-fencing for Automotive Advertising

Geo-fencing allows you to target consumers in an area where you want to pull in new customers by;

Drawing a Digital Fence or Shape Around a Location(s) to Serve Ads.

The ad will be served as soon as a person with a mobile device walks inside the geo-fence while attending an event or competitor location.

The ads will be shown to those individuals for up to 30 days (re-targeting) after leaving the location.

All they need is to have their phone location services turned on. The ad will be shown over 600,000 apps, including ESPN, Weather, and more. It can also show on websites with ad space.

We NEVER throttle impressions.
Get creative ad copy and thousands of impressions for one low price.

Did you know most of you are paying $10 per 1,000 impressions! We cut that in half.


Ideal Customer Targeting

The ability to draw an individual digital geo-fence down to the contours of a building or specific area.

This allows you to target every ideal client that enters a building or an event with your message.

Very Precise

Target people while they are physically at a location and re-target for up to 30 days.

More efficient to target specific areas and buildings.

Get 97% more reach in ad spend than zip codes.

Ads on Apps & Websites

Ads served to over 600,000 phone apps visible on smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

Your ad can be shown on apps like ESPN, Weather Channel, etc. The mobile phone needs a location service turned on to receive an ad.


  • A digital or virtual Geo-fence is drawn in any shape around an event location or a physical location (competitor’s building, a venue, etc.).
  • When a customer enters the geo-fenced venue or competitor location, they will receive your ad on their mobile device.
  • The customer who received your ad at the geo-fenced location is recognized the moment they walk or drive through your drawn conversion zone.
  • You will receive a report showing how many people went through your conversion zone in real-time.


  • How many impressions were seen.
  • Number of Clicks.
  • Number of View through visits and click-through visits.
  • Daily Visits and Total Visit Rate.
  • Number of daily totals through the conversion zone.
  • Daily Foot traffic to conversion location.
  • The total amount of ad Spend.