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Your web presence has the ability to make or break your business.

It’s not just a website anymore. It’s Your Virtual Sales Department.



No one sees your building unless they come to see you.

BUT, on the internet, they can see you at ALL times.

You could have thousands of people see you each month on your website >>> a body shop had over 400,000 people see them!

If you want people to know who you are, you need Technical SEO.

Let machine learning take over.

Using Search Engine Optimization we make your site perform first and implement marketing technologies next.

Using data from your website we personalize content to convert customers into sales. And, that’s just the beginning.

We can even divert visitors away from a business costing competitors thousands of dollars in sales.

What if that happened to you?

That’s why you need to read this IN FULL!


Website data of a body shop that was paying another agency for SEO services.

AWT took over the Technical SEO and wrote Intent search content that gets found.

 This happened in just 30 days!

Over 400,000 people now know and trust this business. 

Impressions make you Trusted by Consumers and

 Relevant to Search Engines.

More Clicks make YOU the Authority down the whole page.

Misinformed or Dishonest SEO Agencies are…


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Your Digitial Marketing Agency should be answering this question for you every month;

Why should I do business with you? 

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For over 8 years Auto Web Tuners (formerly Body Shop Nation) has been quietly helping Automotive clients become leaders in their industry.

We’ve audited tons of websites.  It’s important you know…



You wasting money and time using
out-dated advice, strategies,
systems NOT connecting
your data, and for
services not rendered
or managed correctly.


We haven’t found a website with the correct structure for search yet. Many were paying for SEO services, but the sites were not optimized. Most have YEXT or a blog. Technical SEO is time-consuming to learn and is tedious work. Most agencies charge around $600, so we know it’s not Technical SEO. Then what are they doing? Ask!

If your agency cannot show you work they have specifically done with the data to prove it; there’s a problem.

Keep reading the rest of this information to see our findings over the years.


We use proven processes
tested over the
last 7 years that
will  Optimize, Engage
and Convert Real
Automotive Customers
into Real Revenue.


Findings by our Lead SEO and Founder Don Miller. Everything here is true with Data to back it up.

As you read this think about how body shops tell their customers to get a Post Repair Inspection
Same thing here. Just do it.

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Post Repair Inspection ;-)

Most shops have yet to see a full website assessment with an explanation while they watch from any agency. Our web assessment is done in a webinar fashion, pulling you into our screen so you can watch as we go over your website and ask questions.

An audit done correctly is a powerful instrument for checking your website’s health. It tells us precisely why your website isn’t found in searches or why it’s not converting customers and much more.

From the website audit, we begin our Technical Optimization of the structure of your website.

You’re gonna want to see this with your own eyes!

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Every Website Needs an Alignment

We can’t even count the times that we’ve found a website Directed NOT to be shown in an Organic Search at all – EVER!

YES, it happens all the time! Mostly, agencies that don’t actually build websites but outsource it and have no idea. Some get left like that for years. Who was watching the Analytics? Anyone? Their SEO agency?

Some agencies block it, so you must pay for SEO! YES, we’ve actually heard them tell the customer on a call…that they didn’t pay for SEO. Really!

Shops have lost thousands of dollars because of bad technical SEO or told it was optimized when there was none at all. It’s why no one thinks a website works for sales to this day.

It has to do with the coding allowing it to run smoothly like an alignment for a vehicle. We’ll show you in our Assessment.

Technical SEO allows search engines to find it, access it to index it, speed it up, give crawlers the right signals to interpret the content’s context, trust it, and rank it without any errors stopping it.

We see websites daily with anincorrect redirect from HTTP to HTTPS,” causing two versions of your website, duplicate content, confusing search engines, stopping the indexing, and causing a Google Penalty. A plugin will not correct the HTTP redirect. It must be done manually.

SEO’s that remind us how they’ve done it since the internet began are likely not keeping up and using old tactics that may be hurting your web presence today.

Just because you are told a website is optimized means nothing – it still requires Technical SEO. Once done, it will speak to search engines and continue to increase your traffic over time.

If maintained, you’ll get Free traffic forever.

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Website Function & Security

You absolutely have to keep WordPress and Plugins updated, or it will risk the site’s overall security and speed.

We’ve found websites needing 18 more or updates, leaving them vulnerable to hacking and low rankings. Some had already been hacked and needed to be cleaned up to rank again. Updating out-of-date plugins can also cause many issues and even break the site.

We’ve totally rebuilt websites because the platforms were outdated, and no one paid attention.

Many still needed the SSL certificate installed, which is the backbone of your internet security.

We see shops being hosted on servers that are so slow they barely move, causing high bounce rates. Some are hosted with thousands of websites, making them vulnerable to malware. One had 0% searches for mobile because of it, and mobile is a big deal!

Our websites are checked daily and maintained monthly with a report sent out. We host all websites on our own managed servers with only 100 good automotive neighbors per server.

Yeah, it costs just a little more, but it’s still less than losing all your traffic and authority.

Keep your website up-to-date and secure. Your customers will find you faster and feel secure enough to contact you.


Make it Speak to Customers

Everyone talks about how keywords matter. We see websites full of keywords without much research. Most sites don’t have enough content for the searchers or search engines to figure out the context of the material.

Very few speak to the intent of why consumers need you. Customer intent is the first step in your Brand, becoming the Trusted Authority.

Did you know content is the heart of ALL voice strategies? Think about that one if you have a website with FEW WORDS.

Then, you have bloggers. You’ve heard too many cooks spoil the broth? Just stop paying for blogging. It’s never done correctly. ;-) Post shop news, but don’t pay to blog and expect it to rank or help your SEO.

It takes way more to get a blog to pull traffic and rank than you can imagine. Ask Diane why and watch her head explode, then she’ll ask, “Are you a DIY shop?”. HINT: People finding the wrong thing in search ruins your authority. She’ll explain it if you really want to hear it!

Searches are hyper-local now, and you must write content accordingly while matching the searchers’ intent. Changing your content will change EVERYTHING!

Let AWT explain how content targeted to your community will make you an Authority in search.


This is 122 likes, 26 social bookmarks and 353 shares = FREE eyes on you, which gets indexed by Google and can show up on the front page of searches.
This can happen after we’ve been at it for a while and you’re a well-known socialite. ;-)
Not all posts do this, but you gotta admit, this is awesome!
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Social media is constantly being done wrong by everyone. Shops are being told to post about your industry. When is the last time you got on social media to READ a blog!

Social media is FUN! Think about looking at your own. You don’t have all day, and you want to feel good, click, share, and SMILE! That’s what we do for you.

For us, social media is nothing but another Search Engine—actually, one of the largest ones.

We use Social media strictly for your SEO purposes. Not to make you look cool. We target your customers and do some real work getting you in front of eyeballs. All we look for is Engagement and Shares, and that’s what we get.

You can’t afford us to post shop photos to make you look cool AND get found; You should be doing that. But if you send them, we’ll post them too.

We strictly pull in search engines to prove you’re a community Authority that people care enough about to COMMENT and SHARE.

Stop wasting your social media budget. No more posting and hoping. Let us explain in a private meeting how it works.

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Get Found Everywhere

I bet you didn’t know YEXT could be optimized. Yep, and we rarely see it.

Did you even know it was YEXT?

YEXT is pretty powerful, and most agencies use it as their Digitial Presence Management, Power Listings, Directory Listings, or Google Business page optimization. It’s even their SEO dashboard.

But, have they ever shown you your score in the dashboard?

We are a YEXT Certified Agency. YEXT has trained the person handling your account strictly to optimize your account to pull in more traffic. According to YEXT, he is in the 10% of their top-scoring people. We optimize Every single account. As you can see in the photo, most are in the 90 percent range.

If you ever want to be the Chosen One for VOICE, you’d better optimize your keywords and SEO to rank #1 or Fuggetaboutit!

Most think YEXT is an easy shortcut, but we’ve proven them wrong. Learning the system and setting it up correctly can make all the difference.

Please don’t settle for amateurs handling your account when making the difference in being found first in a search and for VOICE.

Ask for your score. Better yet, let us help you out.

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Turn Clickers to Customers

Do you have your Pay Per Click ads going to your website’s home page? We can’t even begin to imagine how much money you are spending.


If you want great ad campaigns, you need to target your ads with compelling intent-based keyword ad copy and a landing page built specifically for conversion to help get high placement and an even better Quality Score to bring your ad price down.

Did you know that Google uses your page’s relevance to determine your ad’s quality score? Now think about what your home page says.

Please don’t leave it to chance. It’s your money flying out the window.

Adwords campaigns not managed correctly are marketing that shops lose a lot of money, and another reason they feel it is too expensive. At AWT, we make PPC your best performer.

Some get so much work they stop their ads to catch up! There is nothing better than PPC to get your phones ringing and website ranking.

Want more work than you can handle? When done correctly, PPC will bring you revenue fast. Let us know, and we’ll send you referrals to talk with about how our PPC ads work.

We’re hands down the best at pulling in real customers with Adwords!

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7 years of data showed us each step must be Completed for a website to become your Sales Machine.

It really is this easy. Then, add just the right marketing … you’re the Authority.

We call it Connected Digital Experiences.

Start Connecting the Dots!


Don Miller, Co-Founder and Lead SEO  –  Diane Miller, Co-Founder, Does it All

Auto Web Tuners began in 2010 as Body Shop Nation. Don Miller started full-time in 2013 when he was fired from Progressive as a Claims Manager for helping Diane market body shops (it’s a story you need to hear one day).

Our love has always been in automotive and body shops because there’s a massive need for help. Body shops have been misguided because of inexperienced marketers and wrong advice. We knew we could help.

Today, we’ve honed our skills in challenging markets in almost every industry.
We’ve been known to increase business fast.

Word got out, referrals from other industries started pouring in, and we quietly started working with other automotive businesses to bring them in more revenue. We’re not bragging; We love using our mad skills to help businesses succeed, and it’s why we’re now known as Auto Web Tuners.

Did you know your website has been your Sales Person all along?
Want your marketing to pay for itself? It can.

Some people tell us they’re paying less. Honestly, we don’t care. It has nothing to do with our work, our people’s expertise, or our abilities to bring in sales to actually PAY for your marketing, unlike most other digital agencies.

AWT has over 16 experts that work for you at any given time. When you hire us for a project, you hire a WHOLE DIGITAL TEAM. One by one, they perform their expertise on your digital presence.

There are normally 7 to 8 people you are hiring to do everything from design, graphics, content, layout, technical SEO, and so much more for just one website build.

You’re not paying for one guy and his friend to work on YOUR REVENUE.
Our people take your revenue seriously and implement only the latest in what’s working right now.

We have studied under the best SEOs and Digital Marketers in the last few years. Several of them are working with us to help you. When done correctly, SEO is tedious and time-consuming but will continue to increase sales and revenue faster than any other source.

The strategies we learned from Bruce Clay, the father of SEO, have been invaluable in optimizing websites. We have access to many of the best experts that are already helping us help you succeed.

Make your marketing pay for itself by hiring Auto Web Tuners, the leader in Automotive Managed Digital Marketing.

Don & Diane keeping up-to-date on the latest Digitial Marketing.

Bruce Clay – The Father of SEO

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