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Don Miller

Started helping shops in 2013 building websites and marketing. Became a search engine expert in 2014. Speaks on web presence and marketing for groups.

Co-Founder & CEO Auto Web Tuners

Drive More Leads and Sales

Grow Your Online Business Strategically – Turn Conversions into Sales!

Just one conversation with Don as he goes over your web presence will change your whole train of thinking when it comes to websites and winning customers. He gets very in-depth but always keeps it in layman’s terms so you understand exactly what he is talking about and how it will help you.

Don knows search engine optimization extremely well and has done it for multiple businesses – not just automotive. He has worked with some of the largest MSOs in the US and some of the most influential body shops out there.

Don’s thing is helping you understand what others just don’t know how to do or are not doing correctly. One thing is for sure when he is done with a Website Assessment, you will learn things you have NEVER heard before from anyone!


To Become a master at Customer Acquisition, you need a high-performing sales machine that gets you customers consistently and predictably.

Websites are essential for businesses to pull in customers. AI machine learning has brought us to The Era of Predictive Marketing.

No one ever lies to their search bar. The machine picks up what your customers search for and delivers your website as the Authority in auto body repair.

Gone are the days when we launch a website and hope for the best. Nowadays, we can create and launch websites that we are confident will perform successfully and then make improvements to increase their effectiveness for better results.

We can also take an established website, do an SEO Audit to see the problems, and correct them to make your website the Authority in a search for your services.

What Is a Website Audit?

An SEO audit examines problems affecting rankings and identifies areas needing to be corrected to increase visibility in search results and attract organic search traffic.

Our SEO Site Audit is an extensive analysis showing factors affecting your website’s organic search engine rankings, which may not have been correctly executed. There isn’t one specific action that can result in significant progress; instead, it is about combining multiple small actions to make a significant impact.

The most effective SEO approach is clearly understanding what you are trying to accomplish now and in the future.

Don will go over it while you watch on Zoom. He’ll show you everything he finds and how correcting it will make all the difference in your website performance.

Why do You Need One?

Why do You Need One?

This is a website AWT did an audit on and then made corrections and additions. It continued to grow with targeted traffic.

The goal behind SEO is to get found by the right people at the right time. This means we can target the people using keywords to find your services (not your name) and the city using Search Engine Optimization, and your chosen pages will show up just for them.

We can help get them to YOU.

Selling them once they convert is your job!