On-Demand SALES to grow your automotive business.

On Demand SALES to Grow Your Automotive Business

 Google Ads Pay Per Click (PPC) Management.


Landing Pages Proven to Convert

Years of proven landing page designs to help decrease ad costs and convert clickers into Customers.

Quickest Way to Sales on Demand

Increase QUALIFIED traffic to your website, get more leads, and make more sales fast – almost on demand.

Google Certified Expert

Our dedicated PPC manager runs over $80,000/mth in PPC and knows what works. You’ll see the difference quickly.

Transparent Reports

We’ll go over your report monthly or anytime you want. We’ll show you how we make PPC your best lead source!

PPC Management Services that
Drive Your Automotive Business

Is Your Web Presence Lacking Consistent Leads and Sales?

Auto Web Tuners will set you up to drive consistent sales on Google Ad’s powerful platform targeting customers searching your automotive products and services.

When people Google, they want something specific and they want it now. That is what “high intent” is all about. They’re literally wanting to buy now. Whether it’s a product or a service, you need to be there first.

Not only will you gain sales, but it will increase your brand’s awareness, visitors, and revenue as well.

Google has been visited 62.19 Billion times this year (Similarweb, 2019).

Never bring your go-cart to a drag race!


We manage your campaign by Analyzing Everything!

Not Tracking Conversions? You’re losing valuable data.

Advanced Competitor Anaylsis

1. Analyze competitor ads using a software system to pull up every ad in your market.

2. Our system will find the top keywords customers are searching for in your market.

3. Create ad copy and landing page specifically for your high performing ad.

4. Analyze competitor’s campaigns for higher positioning on the page.

5. Set goals for revenue and cost-per-lead.

6. Continually tweak both ads and bids to optimize cost per click.

Advanced PPC Ad Tracking

We only make data-driven decisions, which means continually tracking, tweaking, and optimizing your campaigns for a high rate of CONVERSIONS.

You can get tons of clicks, but the only ones that really count are the ones that…

Convert to a Contact or a Sale.

1. Track the ad positions (top/bottom) per campaign.

2. Track all leads, calls, and forms submitted.

3. Track click-through Rate.

4. Track and continually optimize cost per click.


It’s all about the data we constantly review to know exactly what to do next.


Never one’s to guess, we do the research to reach your correct target market.


Working together we customize and incorporate strategies to include what works now.


Once your account is built, we test and re-set where needed to narrow the target market.


We continually measure key metrics to determine the next steps.


Once your campaign has been running, we can continually optimize for better scores and return.


Anyone can run their own Google ads account…we’ve seen it. But, we also see how much money can be lost when people don’t understand or have the knowledge of how the targeting or even the bidding works.


  • NUMBER #1 MONEY LOSER! Directing traffic to the HOME page of your website. Read your home page and just see how relevant that is to your target market. It rarely converts the right traffic or converts to a sale.
  • Spending too much money on the wrong audience.
  • Too many irrelevant keywords generate clicks, but not sales.
  • Not continuing to optimize as the campaign runs.

If you’re NOT investing in Google Ads, all those Clicks and Jobs go to Your Competitors!

  • Pull targeted, ready to BUY visitors into your website where YOU are in control of all your marketing.
  • AWT will optimize your PPC performance until your target customer is pinpointed and cost per conversion is lower.

One-location body shop. Started in April 2020.

  • First, honed in on the target market to decrease irrelevant clicks.
  • Worked on conversion by optimizing the landing page.
  • By making the ad relevant, we decreased cost per conversion.
  • We continue to optimize making this ad perform at its highest.

We Never Stop Optimizing For Better Results!

When you acquire customers at a lower cost than your competitors, you’ll always be ahead of them.

Talk with a Google Ads Professional. We’ll go over what we do to help with your business.

    Let AWT get the leads and sales flowing for you.


    Sit Down – Strap In – Hold On…